Isabelle Rodier and Fabrice Martin created La Mission in 2010. Our offices are based in the heart of Paris.

With a strong 15 years’ experience in the music business, Isabelle and Fabrice put together their respective knowledge and networks to offer a vast array of services in a rapidly growing market where business codes and models have been considerably evolving over the last decade.

These services, which can be either separate, complementary, or adapted from established, developing, or nascent projects, include: Media Campaign [press, radio, TV, online], Communication, Strategy / Consultancy, Coordination / Project Management, Delegate Artist Management, Marketing Campaign, Merchandising, Label Rep, and Community Management.

Our offer is intended for a large network of local and international clients (labels, artist managers, artists, festivals, publishing companies, majors companies, project leaders, sponsors, producers, etc.).

Customer relations is at the heart of our services and involves liaising with a single contact person, sticking to a timeline that actually suits your needs, and providing detailed reports regularly.

In each music genre, La Mission has capitalized on its strong and varied references to earn a reputation as a leading agency in the French territory.

La Mission team consists of seven people.



Fabrice Martin

co-founder, managing director

in his pocket: MetroCard from New York City, grilled almonds, a calculator, the Alive Daft Punk ticket and a Rilakkuma lip balm.

in his playlist

Isabelle Rodier

co-founder, head of promotion

in her pocket: 4B pencils and a swan sharpener, a bottle of essential oils : concentration, a heartshaped brooch, almonds, a small alabaster pyramid, a cassette of Music for The Masses from Depeche Mode

in her playlist


Gary Kettle


In his pockets : The CD “Musique Vol. 1” from Daft Punk , some tic-tac, a postcard from the mountains and a few tea bags of green tea.

In his playlist

Marine Bellocq

project manager

in her pocket: The book « Un homme chic » from Alain Pacadis, the volume 1 Chébran mixtape, corn cakes and chocolates, a moisturizing handcream and a lipstick, a souvenir from Brazil.

in her playlist

Lola Braux


In her pocket : A photo of Catherine Deneuve, a few rose tea bags, lots of post-its and M.I.A.’s latest album 

In her playlist

Raya Hamdan

project manager assistant

In her pocket : A Murakami book, a dozen of tea bags, lip balm, 5 coins of one cent and a love letter.

In her playlist

Camille Billouard

PR assistant

In her pocket : Highlighters of all colors, some tea and its kitsch british royal family mug, The Kooks’ discography and Mona Chollet’s “Sorcières” . 

In her playlist